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In this story, this queer almost-utopia emanating from a post-human world whose volcanoes warm the darkness, two protagonists go in search of a damaged collective memory.


A surge of the past unfolds before their eyes the archives of a world that we thought disappeared, and which will lead them to discoveries that are both unexpected and strangely familiar.


Humidity, senses, memories, archives, skins, chickens.

Language and stories shape human organizations and the way of which we look at what is, what we are. Get out of a binary language, bring up the stories from the undergrounds, of the hidden and the losers who make history is the possibility of considering and perhaps destroying and building the world differently. Re-identify our bodies, the bodies, by describing them with multiple, sensitive, abstract or precise words, without containing them, without hierachising them.


Let's bring collective care to our communities

and our imaginations.


To my fellow queers, my weirdos, my comrades, those who struggle, those who are tired, to the queers of the closets, to the fantastics, and to all people who like to escape into an imaginary world, or who like go underwater. I thought it all out in a readable way, so we can pulsate strangely together.


This fiction was written as part of my Master's thesis at édhéa, under the tutoring of Kadiatou Diallo.


125 pages


Two performances were presented based on this text, one of them on November 26, 2022 at the LAC gallery in Vevey, for the closing of the exhibition Nous sommes fictions by Charlotte Olivieri. Some glimpses visible on this gallery. Thanks to Audrey Sutter and Julie Wuhrmann for the images.

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