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Cold, fog, rocks. Hostile vast lands offering themselves to

exile. Leaving the known life, the warm and comfortable

habit, to run away and to perhaps reinvent oneself.


Knowing that memories will fade, that oblivion and distance will threaten to bring the colorful or blackened picture of a life

back to a pure original white.

One feels born naked. Once again. Fragile. Sometimes the road will prove to be hopeless, without an exit. Whether it is about people or an individual, political or relational reasons,

some lives are doomed to be erased and to start over every day, at the price of a treacherous journey. These landscapes illustrate the torn up state, the moment when this present life  disintegrates, giving way to a future seemingly unattainable.

Realized among plains and alpine or Nordic mountains with difficult weather conditions, this work highlights in a poetic

way the muted violence of exile, separation and grief. These horizons drowned in white and emptiness, sometimes misty

but not devoid of texture, evoke the uncertainty and difficulty of projecting oneself in the future then opaque and proceeded

by rough and craggy borders. The noise and the grain pierces through like little needles caused by the sensation of coldness. Sometimes the vision is disturbed to the point of

creating a blur and the absence of color highlights firstly the contrast, the symbol of sharp cut, and secondly the grey tones

which, like fog, blind and encompass its surroundings. The white sometimes becomes dazzling, rendering the skies alike vast and heavy ceilings.

exposé en 2015 au Photoforum Pasquart

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