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This work is research around the question of digital corporality, the representation of the statuesque body and fluidity, from a strange, non-binary perspective. It takes the form of an installation composed of videographic projections on fabrics presenting images created by fusions of personal photographs, colors, skin texture and reappropriated images. It was shown for my pre-Bachelor degree last January.



It is part of a given time, that is to say that the process and the few months when the work has been developed define the subjects that appear there, in particular the images that I have appropriated, drawn from my readings and encounters. What is presented is therefore a portion of a process-project that can be constantly evolving, possibly in a protean way. I crop in the images, sometimes strongly, in order to enter more inside, to focus on the texture, the material. By projecting onto fabric, I give materiality to these digital images.



I presented these videos in three projections to seek dynamism and movement, to avoid the "cinema" effect and " face to face ". The layout encourages you to look askance. Viewers can sit down if they wish, but nothing is imposed.



The vertical format and the fabric screens on studio tripods evoke both portrait photography - in relation to identity, representation - but above all telephone screens. Indeed these with social networks and their "stories" are powerful contemporary tools to interact with one's own representation, to define one's models, one's identity.



The transitions between the images are slow because I want to go against a very rushed / stressed temporality ad offer to stop


take time. The images, with their cropping and digital noise, pixels, etc., are evocative in nature rather than representative, willingly seeking strangeness, trace of some influence pictorialist present in some of my old work.




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