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Saliva is a biological fluid secreted by the salivary glands inside the mouth.

It is 99% water.

It lubricates the oral surfaces.

Thanks to saliva human persons can talk with ease.

Also thanks to saliva they can digest.


They secrete an average of one liter per day.


Let the drool flow.

foam, sputters


When I'm a bat, I lick a lot.

We are known to be a species with a high proportion of homosexual acts, and we lick each other a lot.


I can hear the rigid ones' mockeries. I heard their fat, empty laughter. there is no guts in their laughs, just holes, eyes staring at each other white, heaviness.


Baver, it can mean defiling, slandering, defaming, denigrating, slandering, but also drooling of envy.

Words on the street it is ridiculous, awful, wrong, suspicious not to be a woman when you have a pussy and not to be a man when you have a dick. It seems we have to choose.


Performance and video-performance, French/English, ongoing project, presented to ACT 2022 - at the Pavillon Bleu des Grottes in Geneva during the Coffee Break organized by Maddie Marone in May 2022 - for the final MAPS juries. ​


17 minutes, 2022

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