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Hello and welcome to this tarot online, for individual draw!


Here you will be able to draw a tarot card that I created, and then receive by email a response, an advice, a prediction from me. This may take the form of a text, an image, a video, a drawing ... who knows?

To make a collective draw, if you are more than one, scan the QRcode on the right page in the newspaper!


 How is it going to happen?


Take your time, get into a comfortable position, and concentrate.


Click a first time on the little hand, there, below, and think about what question you want to ask the cards, while the video turns, helping you clear your mind as much as possible of all you have to deal with in your life. The question can be vague or specific. When you have your question, go on.


You will come to a constellation. Keep thinking about your question and feeling comfortable, then click on the star you want.

This will reveal your card.  Observe your card and keep it in mind


Then, you will finally arrive on a form to fill, so that I can receive your information and send you my answer. It might take a few hours, probably a few days!


Have a good draw, and I hope

you are doing well!


Sandrine G.

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